Circul-aire® is the exclusive Canadian representative of Blygold®

Circul-aire is able to offer Blygold’s products to protect any HVAC equipment against corrosion

With more than 40 years of international experience, Blygold is the market leader in high-end corrosion protection of HVAC equipment. Blygold’s solutions aim to expand lifetime extension, increase energy saving and reducing costs for any HVAC equipment.

Which services does Blygold offer?

• HVAC Coil Coating (RTPF)
• Microchannel Coating
• Finned Tube Coating
• Tube Sheet & Waterbox Cladding
• Cabinet & Casing Coating
• Refurbishment & Rejuvenation


Green Building Council
Asian American Hotel Owners Association

AHRI Certified
HVI Member