CleanAir Air Purification

Circul-Aire® manufactures a wide variety of unique MULTI-MIX™ chemical filter media specially designed to remove an extensive range of contaminants from the air. Circul-Aire’s MULTI-MIX™ chemical filter media, used either individually or in combination, provide continuous purification of air containing corrosive, odorous, and toxic contaminants in both commercial and industrial environments.

Circul-Aire CLEANAIRE™ is a dual mix of MM-1000C and MM-9000 LT C media designed to remove all gaseous contaminant byproducts from vehicle emissions, diesel exhaust and jet fumes, such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitric oxide, as well as ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOC), plus lower molecular weight, such as aldehydes and hydrocarbons.


CLEANAIRE™ by Circul-Aire ideally designed and formulated for Outdoor Air Intake

CLEANAIRE™ can be used with all new and existing models of Circul-Aire® gas-phase filtration equipment and is a drop-in replacement that’s compatible with most competing brands

CLEANAIRE™ chemical media production complies with ISO-14000 requirements for a closed loop manufacturing process with no environmental impact.

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